Monday, 23 March 2009

Milk Still Matters

*N.B.* This blog has been wrote as a rough note of my thoughts.

I remember last year (I will add the link asap) writing about a stop motion Cravendale milk advert that caught my attention

Cravendale have done it again

The most striking elements of this advert are there brilliant sound design, and the simplistic approach of the animation

I watched this advert for a second time with out any sound, and discovered that it is actually the sound that it telling the story (try watching the advert with out any sound. It does not flow and makes little sense.)

Being interested in social media I furthered my investigation in to this advert by doing an immediate search on YouTube

I quickly found that the channels "MilkMatters", "CravenDale" and "CravenDaleMilk" were all ready being used by people who appeared not to be from the official Cravendale milk company

It would appear that the Official YouTube Channel for Cravendale milk is All though for the casual Internet user it may not be apparent that this is their Official YouTube Channel

If I was doing some consultancy work with Cravendale I would advise them their channel needs to have some of their branding on it so people are easily able to instantly recognize it belongs to them

I have been teaching myself to make YouTube backgrounds in Photoshop so I will possible try to mock a Cravendale YouTube background to demonstrate this.

They should also use their YouTube channel to drive traffic to all the other places that they exist on the web. Providing links in their YouTube profile would be the most simple way to do this.

I notice in this video they have provided a link in the description to drive traffic to a related game on their website

To further my ideas on using social media to promote Cravendale milk if you have read my blog recently you will know I am using DailyBooth I would recommend CravenDale to start using DailyBooth, posting a picture of a milk based drink or product each day. The blub under the picture would be the recipe for the drink or product. They could then encourage people to post a picture comment after they have followed the recipe

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escooler said...

If you enjoy this kind of animation might i suggest you see ti in its orginal none commercial form...look for a show called a town called panic. the orgianal episode...cake is pretty good.

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