Tuesday, 13 April 2010

3 Minute Wonder

I have watched 3 Minute wonder on Channel 4 many times. Often finding the program very interesting, but never giving it any thought in terms of the format or how I could adapt the format to help me grow as someone who wishes to produce short videos.

Essentially I would some up 3 minute wonder as a short documentary (3 minutes) on a particular topic

I would like to use this format, to help me produce a number of short documentaries. From having only just watched the program and not as of yet fully analysed the techniques used, it appeared to me as though a lot of voice over is used about the given topic and video backing up what is being said is used as visuals to support the audio voice over. This is broken up with people speaking directly to the camera.

I plan to pick a topic, film some cut aways and then get someone to talk about it.

In my head I am picturing a short (possible a minute) documentary about video games. I plan on capturing disks being put in CD drives, fingers franticly pressing buttons, power switches being turned on.

Thinking as I type I can see there would be the possibility to take this idea and create an advert for a video games console. I would do this by creating a script that shows the benefits of gaming in a positive light. and highlight the gaming system as the machine that can help achieve the positive benefits being talk about.

This is just a small idea that I would like to execute

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