Monday, 17 November 2008

Happy Birthday Gary Vaynerchuck

As you may or may not know the November 14 marked Gary Vaynerchuck's Birthday

Gary is well know on the Internet for his high energy style used when presenting his show, Wine Library TV

I was invited this weekend by Derek who is the Community Leader at Viddler to be part of a collabrative video to celebrate Garys birthday

My Perfect University

I really wish I could embed this video but the option is currently disabled

I think we all have periods of time where we visit certain website.

My current website addiction is YouTube


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Interactive Pathway

I am still a little undecided about which brief I am going to choose

If I had to make a decision on the spot I would opt for the Viral Flash brief,

How ever I am still very interested in learning HTML and CSS as I want to be able to create websites so I can show case any viral content that I do create!

As I write this and think further about the briefs, I don't really know a lot about Blues & Jazz music or the culture that surounds it, perhaps I will opt to make make a Flash space-invaders space style game as mentioned in the previous post, and embed it in to an elegantly created CSS website.

That way I get the best of both worlds, I can use skills that I am confident in (using flash software) as well as improving my abilities that I am not so good at (CSS and HTML)

I would also like to learn about using API's so maybe a could feature that in to my website some how. (Google map API showing local Stores that sell tomato ketchup)

I am not sure how acceptable it is blending two briefs together. I will consult Mike and Annabeth before I develop this idea any further.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Optional Path Way

Today is the first lesson of our "Optional Pathway" Module

We can either specialise in Interactive Media or Moving Image

Being a massive Internet nerd! I thought it only appropriate to take the interactive media pathway.

(However Mike did mention that there is a cross over between the two and that creating video that can be streamed, broadcast and uploaded online can be part of the interactive module which pleased me quite a lot, as recently I have become less interested in creating websites and more interested in webisodes and web-series)

Here are the briefs that I am able to chose from for the interactive pathway

Flash Banners -

"To create a range of interactive / animated Flash banners" to promote "In Game," an online games magazine"

"To create a range of interactive / animated Flash banners to promote " 'In Game' a new online games magazine that will use to targeted marketing on Facebook, Myspace and other Social Networking sites"

I feel I have the skills to easily be able to produce a range of flash banners. If I were to undertake this brief, I would put all my efforts in to making the banners have a professional edge. Spending time giving it the polish I often feel my work sometimes lacks


"To create a website template layout and CSS stylesheet for Coltrane and Hancock's Music Emporium, a specialist jazz and blues music on Brick Lane, London"

I would really like to undertake this project as website design is a career path I would be interested in pursuing.

The idea of using the GoogleMap API I also like. I do not have a full understanding of API's. I do however know there are a whole host of useful API's out there that can be embeded and manipulated into websites

Although recently I am starting to find other areas in digital media that interest me. There are often times when I require a website. Currently my skills in HTML and CSS are somewhat lack luster and I feel developing these skills would benefit me somewhat.

However I feel my lack of knowledge in HTML and CSS may hinder me from producing a profesional product.

If I was to under take this brief it would be for the experience of leaning HTML and CSS. I would hope that I can make up marks that I may not gain in the construction of the website in the evaluation.

I would hope to clearly evaluate all that I have learnt and achieved.

Interactive Flash -

"Produce an interactive flash website that promotes Heinz Ketchups"

"To create an exciting flash-based web experience promoting awareness of the HEINZ Tomato Ketchup and the different varieties avalible

This is an Open Brief in terms of online deliverables, so feel free to be as left field as you want. This could be a flash game, viral advert or fun fact site"

This brief I feel has the right mix of elements that I am interested in. I know I am capable of producing a flash web site. I would be able to develop my skills in action script. (Something I want and need to do to make me a better flash designer/developer)

I also have an interest in creating viral video. So creating a viral video that is supported by a flash website would be quite and interesting avenue to take. I could also throw in a couple of Flash games. Maybe a Space Invaders style game with a selection of tomato sauce bottles as your space craft. Instead of lazers as your weapons the "space craft" bottle fires tomatos. It could be quite a graphical game, with images created in illustrator or photoshop and imported in to flash to be animated.

I now need to further evaluate which brief to tackle, and carefully consider what I can gain and learn from each brief

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