Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Hi From Work!

Before the summer break from college i submitted a picture of myself to hifromwork.com

As my work is studing; the picture is taken in the quite study rooms at Leeds College of Art and Design

The picture was taken using PhotoBooth on my MacBook

I submitted it in hope that it would drive more people (from across the world) to read my blog posts

Here is a link to me on the hifromwork.com blog

Monday, 14 July 2008

Lost Phone Update

I want to start by saying thanks to everyone who helped out by texting and spreading the word.

Special Thanks go to

RoCkBiGdAvE - who posted on the digimods forum the response from there was huge

and also a BIG Thank You to

Sarah Austin of Pop17 who spread the word to over 300 people world wide and let me broadcast my problem on her lifecast channel

To update you all; Unfortunately I did not get the phone back and it is now been blacked listed from being used on all networks, so if anyone offers to sell you an LG Viewty down t'market for £5.99 dont buy it :)

Here are a few pictures to show you how bigger response i got

getclicky.com graph

The spike in the graph is the day I 1st posted and then the decline :(

getclicky.com graph

This map shows hits from across the globe I am pleasantly surprised how densely populated the map is and very surprised that my message reached places such as India Turkey and Thailand

The current hit total stands at 282 visitors and this is still slowly rising as i write this blog post.

THANKS EVERYONE and as always comments are welcome below :)

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Help Me Find My Lost Mobile Phone

Using the power of the internet you can help me locate my lost mobile phone.

Back Ground Info

I lost my phone on Saturday, looking at my online account I can see that the phone made a number of calls on Tuesday (this is not a problem I have free minutes and text)

This morning i called the handset and it was answered by “Jeff” who said he had bought the phone “from a lad” Jeff said he was in town and I should call him back to arrange to pick it up.

I have called back and the phone is now switched off

To get my fone back I need your help

Here is a list of the dates times and numbers that my phone has called since it was lost

08/07/08 12:34 Talk 07796067681 00:00:01 0.000

08/07/08 12:34 Talk 07796067681 00:00:46 0.000

08/07/08 18:30 Talk 07796067681 00:01:43 0.000

08/07/08 18:38 Talk 07527269497 00:01:48 0.000

08/07/08 19:39 Text 447765513019 - 0.000

08/07/08 19:47 Talk 07765513019 00:00:13 0.000

08/07/08 19:59 Talk 07767376869 00:00:57 0.000

08/07/08 19:59 Talk 07767376869 00:01:09 0.000

08/07/08 20:52 Talk 07796067681 00:00:55 0.000

08/07/08 21:05 Talk 07796067681 00:00:12 0.000

08/07/08 21:25 Talk 07516867094 00:00:10 0.000

The Plan

Here are the four numbers in order of frequency phoned, the top number has been phoned the most so target that number if you like

  • +447796067681
  • +447767376869
  • +447527269497
  • +447516867094

    To help me find my phone I need you to bombard these phone numbers with calls and text and voice mail messages

    Simply call, text and leave voice mail to the above numbers. There is no need to be offensive if everybody just leaves the message below

    “Your friend has called this phone with a stolen number. Luke would like his LG Viewty back please tell you friend to get in contact with him”

    Ultimately calling these numbers would be most effective, if you dont want to do that just use this fee text service and send them a message for me


    Get More People Involved

    For this idea to truly work as many people as possible need to contact these numbers. You can make more people aware of my problem in the following ways

    The best thing you could do is E-Mail this link to all your contacts


    and ask them to forward it to all their contacts

  • Second best thing would be join my facebook group and get as many people to join as you can to join too

    Update your status on facebook to

    “Help Luke Find His Mobile Phone http://lukeb3000.tumblr.com/post/41754566”

    Post a bulletin on Myspace sending people to

    “Help Luke Find His Mobile Phone http://lukeb3000.tumblr.com/post/41754566”

    Post a Twitter message telling people

    If you do one thing today PLEASE READ THIS http://lukeb3000.tumblr.com/post/41754566

    Post this link on any forums you visit


    Make a funny video about my problem and post it on video sharing sites such as youtube. Make sure you tell them to visit this blog post for more info

    Post on your blog about my problem and link it to here

    The more people that phone and text these people the more chance I have of getting my phone back.


    You will now either do two things, think this is a funny story and go visit another website


    Click this link FREE TEXT MESSAGES HERE and text these numbers





    I will leave it up to you which you wish to do

    One Final Thing

    If you phone, text or leave voice mail to these numbers leave a comment on the bottom of this post

    If you link to this post again leave a comment telling me when you have posted it

    Thank You and with a little bit of luck i will be getting my phone back in no time


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