Monday, 29 September 2008

iDent Research


Last Friday (26th Sept 08) I took a trip down Rossington Street Library to pick up a few books on the recommended reading list.

I could not find "Motion Design: Moving Graphics for Television, Music Video, Cinema and Digital Interfaces"

But I did find a very similar book "Motion Gaphics: Graphic Design for Broadcast and Film"

I also went to pick "Type in Motion 2" which I was unable to locate. I opted to take out a similar book "Type for the Internet and other Digital Media"

This weekend I have been looking through "Motion Graphics: Graphic Design for Broadcast and Film. The book has provide me with a lot of inspiration for avenues I could take when developing this idea

The image above is from the "Motion Graphics: Graphic Design for Broadcast and Film"
It particularly caught my attention due to the bright colours and 3D lettering something that I believe would engage my target audience if making an iDent for "Custard"

The image above is again form"Motion Graphics; Graphic Design for Broadcast and Film"

This particular image caught my eye and interest. Colours could be adapted to make it more suite able for a "Custard" iDent. The third squares from the left with the red circles in inspired me to think that the circles could be animated to follow a path and finally spelling out the word Custard

I still need to research in to typography. I also need to further research in to my target market, I have already collected some links here that will help me do that

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Round Up of Today's Events

Well unfortunately our 3G usb dongles had been forgot so I must apologize to anyone who was hoping to follow me throughout the day.

But here is a brief run down of my day

After arriving at the stadium I met with my host and fellow bloggers. They were David Poole who owns and writes and Stuart Moss a lecturer of entertainment management at Leeds Met University who owns and writes

We were given a quick briefing, our job was to be citizen journalists for the day. We were required to capture footage that an ordinary TV crew may not capture

We were handed miniDV cameras and Nokia N95 mobile phones and told to go off and capture the game as well as fans, players and managers reactions

We had unlimited access and could go anywhere within the ground

The Journey Begins

If you follow any of my other blogs you will know I today I am blogging with ITV-Local covering the FA Cup 1st Round ......

Just about to catch the bus in to Leeds City Centre. Then get the train to Guiseley (Nevermoor Park)

I meet my hosts for the day at 1.30pm and from there we get our briefing on sports journalism and reporting tips (I am hoping to be able to live cast that meeting on

From there we are handed over the cameras and start to capture the match

More updates through out the day

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Blogging With The Big Boys!

I am proud to announce that I have been selected by ITV-Local to go and cover the FA Cup 1st round. Guiseley vs Garforth

How did this come about I am sure you are asking.

Well a chain of events led to this fantastic opportunity

You may remember me posting the iJustine Apple Store Tour 2008 video on a multitude of blogs I own.

Jack who writes for saw this video and got in contact with via e-mail

So here is what I will be doing on Saturday 27th September (This coming Saturday)

13.30 Meet at the ground for meet and greet.

13.45 Introduction to sports journalism, reporting tips, and other good practices. Creation of the reporting teams and quick reporting briefing. Handover of camera.

15:00 Kick off

15:45 Half time: refreshments (Food & Drink) and first opportunity to capture the reaction of fans

16:00 2nd half kick off

16:45 Full time: capture of fans post game reactions

17:00 Interviews with players and managers

18:00 Drinks at a local pub: Discussions and final thoughts.

19:00 End

I have been told that I should bring my laptop and a camera so I am going to be packing my MacBook (wish it was a MacBook Air now) and My N95 as I can take both Pictures and Video's to capture what I get up to.

I am tempted to take my MiniDV camera too just so I can capture a bit of video to edit up and put online at a later date

I have also been told that at appropriate times throughout the day (or whenever desired) I will be provided with a broadband dongle so I can get online.

I am not sure if there is a limit on how much bandwidth I can use but I have a few ideas on what I may use it for but I need your help

What would you like to see my cover when I am there?

I should imagine if I am only provide with a broadband dongle at certain times Twittering wont be very effective.

I am tempted to use my account to stream some live video. (But this depends on how much bandwidth and time I have)

I am going to try and upload pictures as they day progresses (They will be going on my Blogger Account, and any written work will be posted on my Tumblr Account)

But what do you want to see me do. What would be the most effective way for me to communicate to you what I am doing. It's times like these I wish I had an iPhone as I would use the qik app to stream the whole day! That would be the most ultimate way for me to blog my whole day!

So leave me comments and tell me how you want me to communicate my day. Live stream? Upload photos? Write things up as I go along. If i do live stream I will try to twitter when I am casting

One More Thing

Post match I get the opportunity to interview the players and manager. If you have anything you want me to ask them, again I ask you to leave your questions in the comments and I will do my very best to get you some answers

Keep an eye on this blog and I will try to keep you updated with my preparations for covering the match!

Proudly Introducing ....

For a while I have been trying to encourage my brother to start blogging
He is in year 13 (upper 6th) and is wanting to study for a degree in journalism.

For about 6 months or so I have been trying to tell him that blogging would be a good way to practice writing for an audience, as well as a way to show people at interviews that he is taking an active interest in journalism.

You can visit his blog at I am sure he would appreciate some comments too

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Leeds Photography

7am starts are not something I usually enjoy but as I walked to work at 6.45 there was a beautiful sunrise to cheer up my morning

Being the technology g33k that I am I had my N95 in my pocket and managed to capture these shots for you to enjoy

Friday, 12 September 2008

iJustine Apple Store Tour 2008 MashUp

It is believed iJustine is embarking on an Apple Store Tour.
She likes to visit these stores and say the magic words "Apple Store".

Here is the stores she has visited so far.
I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it

If you enjoyed this video please digg it

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