Monday, 29 September 2008

iDent Research


Last Friday (26th Sept 08) I took a trip down Rossington Street Library to pick up a few books on the recommended reading list.

I could not find "Motion Design: Moving Graphics for Television, Music Video, Cinema and Digital Interfaces"

But I did find a very similar book "Motion Gaphics: Graphic Design for Broadcast and Film"

I also went to pick "Type in Motion 2" which I was unable to locate. I opted to take out a similar book "Type for the Internet and other Digital Media"

This weekend I have been looking through "Motion Graphics: Graphic Design for Broadcast and Film. The book has provide me with a lot of inspiration for avenues I could take when developing this idea

The image above is from the "Motion Graphics: Graphic Design for Broadcast and Film"
It particularly caught my attention due to the bright colours and 3D lettering something that I believe would engage my target audience if making an iDent for "Custard"

The image above is again form"Motion Graphics; Graphic Design for Broadcast and Film"

This particular image caught my eye and interest. Colours could be adapted to make it more suite able for a "Custard" iDent. The third squares from the left with the red circles in inspired me to think that the circles could be animated to follow a path and finally spelling out the word Custard

I still need to research in to typography. I also need to further research in to my target market, I have already collected some links here that will help me do that

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