Monday, 23 June 2008

GeekUp Leeds

Last week (Wednesday the 18th June) I went to a social meet up of local leeds people who had an interest in all things digital and Internet related.

There were two short presentations

Colin May talked on "Scaling your site - things to consider now and in the future that'll make your life a lot easier when your site takes off"

Next was Tim Waters talking about "Alternate Reality Games".

After the Alternative Reality Gaming talk we went out side and played a mini ARG which was quite fun and entertaining (I think there is a video of it floating about the Internet as someone was filming us on a Nokia N95 but don't know if it was upload to the internet or not. If i find the video I will post it up on one of my blogs)

The video above I will explain as you are probably just confused after watching it. The idea was to create a human maze, to guide the person in the middle you had to hum and they were meant to follow the humming noise. CLICK HERE for a little help understanding what I am talking about

Afterwards there was beer and cake (it was GeekUp's 1st Birthday) while talking to people afterwards I learnt about Open Mapping and Geo caching all things that sounded interesting but I have never heard of before, no doubt be reading up on them

Also found out there is a PhotoCamp due to be held in Leeds that I am hoping to attend.

I managed to live blog the event via the use of twitter and my iPod touch, (live blogging the event just makes me want a 3G iphone even more. I mean you can't always have a wifi connection with an iPod touch I just got lucky that time but what happens next time if im at an event with out a wifi connection and i want to live blog?)

All in all it was good to get involved with and speak to other people who are interested and work in the same field that I am interested in.

Hopefully I will be attending next month :)

In the mean time there are some pictures of me over on my other blog at this Junes GeekUp

CLICK HERE to see the pictures

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Animation Resubmission

New scene to show shock on charecters face when he realisese a block is about to fall on him

to create blinking effect >>> motion tween a circle covering eyes >>> selected animated frames >>> right click on timeline >>> copy fames >>> right click on timeline paste frames >>> right click on timeline reverse frames

Ideally i would of made this a movie clip and dragged both eyes from the library, but i am not 100% confident with movie clips, i understand how they work and how to utilize them but I dont have time to fiddle around with them so stuck to what i know (tween animation) but i am fully aware a movie clip would have been better and more efficent.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Leeds Skylines

As i was walking home from the shops this evening (around 8.30pm - 9.00pm) the sun was casting some beautiful shadows on the clouds.

Its was really striking so i took the opportunity to whip out my camera phone. After a little messing about with the settings i captured the images below

I would recommend you to click on the images to see them full size

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