Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Interactive Pathway

I am still a little undecided about which brief I am going to choose

If I had to make a decision on the spot I would opt for the Viral Flash brief,

How ever I am still very interested in learning HTML and CSS as I want to be able to create websites so I can show case any viral content that I do create!

As I write this and think further about the briefs, I don't really know a lot about Blues & Jazz music or the culture that surounds it, perhaps I will opt to make make a Flash space-invaders space style game as mentioned in the previous post, and embed it in to an elegantly created CSS website.

That way I get the best of both worlds, I can use skills that I am confident in (using flash software) as well as improving my abilities that I am not so good at (CSS and HTML)

I would also like to learn about using API's so maybe a could feature that in to my website some how. (Google map API showing local Stores that sell tomato ketchup)

I am not sure how acceptable it is blending two briefs together. I will consult Mike and Annabeth before I develop this idea any further.

1 comment:

Phelim said...

hahaha! tomato ketchup? blues and jazz?! space-invaders?! Without seeing the briefs all this stuff sounds bizarre! good luck with what you choose

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