Friday, 20 March 2009

One Month of Pictures

I mentioned in a previous post that I have started using DailyBooth

I have succesfully managed to use this app for over a month now. On day 31 (after one month of use) I used the widget that allows you to put all your photographs in to a video

Below is the result. It would be great to get some comments and feedback let me know what you think

On reflection to this video; it is kind a surreal experience watching a month of your life pass before your eyes. Each picture has a unique meaning to me. In a years time I will be able to watch this video and know exactly what I did between February and March. I am really enjoying using this app, it allows me to interact with friends from other social networks in a new and interesting way. I plan on using DailyBooth for the foreseeable future and will be publishing videos at regular intervals.

1 comment:

James G. Wall said...

Very interesting luke, Thing i may after get myself daily booth. Its a great idea, maybe make the picture more memorable, try to sum up your hole day in one picture...

My new video blog is up, cheers for the comment too. Always makes me feel a little special when i get a comment. In answer to your question Its not part of the project, its just something i fancied having ago at. Keeps a good document of the whole project too. Hopefully make the evaluation easier and fun to write, or i may make a vid for that too.

Enjoy your break!

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