Thursday, 19 March 2009

Essay Research

My initial thoughts when it came to writing the essay for critical studies was to look in to how broadcasting had changed since the internet has become a medium where news and information is instantly available

I was considering using the title, Broadcasting Past and Present: What Role has the Internet Played?

However I have not made a final decision and after loaning a number of books from the college library I found a couple of topics to that also caught my attention

Culture Jamming

This refers to the activities of challenging the imposition of marketing practices in our public spaces by parodying advertisements and hijacking billboards to seriously alter their messages

Adbusters (wiki page / website)

Improve anywhere (wiki page / website)

Flash-Mob (wiki page / website)

Trans-humanism / Post-humanism

Read about post-humanism >>>here<<<

Read about trans-humanism >>>here<<<

Over the weekend I shall further my research in to these topics and draw a conclusion on which one I shall write an essay on.

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