Saturday, 24 May 2008

More Blog Posts Please !

On Wednesday i took a trip to Argos to buy this

HP Photosmart C3180 All in One Printer.

(to see the image above properly click on it, as it has been horrendously squashed to fit on this blog, i promise you it doesn't look that ugly in real life!)

I've been considering picking up a scanner and a printer for some time now and this one was half price. Originally it was supposed to be £80 and it was down to £40. Im not sure how true that is but £40 for a printer scanner combo seemed reasonable enough to me.

I have mainly bought this product for the use of the scanning facility, as I am hoping it will aid me to blog from other sources than websites.

I often find articles in magazines or papers that i find interesting and wish to post on my blog about them. If i need to scan anything i usually do it at college, often it either slips my mind to scan the article and by the time i remember I feel that i am to late to post as it no longer seems relevent.

Hopeful by having a scanner at home i can find some time at the end of the day (when i am back from uni) to scan and post anything I find interesting, hopefully this will help me post on a wider range of topics.

Also I am hoping that having a scanner will encourage me to use my sketchbook a little more to develop my ideas, as i will now have the option to instantly scan things in my sketch book into my blogs

The fact that it has a printer option too is a bonus although I read some reviews about it being a little greedy when using the ink

One final observation (and thing that has annoyed me) it did not come with a printer cable to attach it to my MacBook, so now I have to go out and buy a USB cable before i can even use it :(

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