Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Free Sat Launched Today

You may or may not remember that in February I posted about a free-view non subscription High-Definition Satellite service that was due to launch in the U.K

You can see that blog post by clicking HERE

Well today the service launched.

"The new Service will carry 80 digital TV and radio channels, including free high definition programmes, with that number due to rise to 200 by the end of 2008.

Users will make a one-off payment for a dish, set-top box and installation, but will not pay a monthly subscription.
The price of a box will start at £49, rising to £120 for a high-definition (HD) version. The cost of installation, including the satellite dish, will be a further £80."


£200 compared to a normal freeview box (which can be picked up for around £30, such as HERE) seems to be a little expensive, however if you consider what you are actually getting and bearing in mind that by 2009 you will be getting around 200 HD channels it seems a pretty reasonable offer.

If I had £200 laying around spare I would be off to by myself a free sat box

Lets just hope it doesnt go the same way as British Satellite Broadcasting

Come to think of it does anyone remeber the "Sqarials"

I can just remember being quite young and seeing these things bolted to the sides of houses, but i had no clue what they did, i just thought they looked cool and wanted my house to have one!

You can read more about free-sat by clicking HERE

And keep checking back to my blog for more announcements of future up and coming tech


rockbigdave said...

Soooooo thinking of getting this. Over 2 years (how long I'd be in my house for next year) 120 smoochies is alot cheaper than £30 a month from other companies satelite products. :)

Luke Beaumont's Design for Digital Media Blog said...

Yeh I wouldn't mind getting this too, not something i really need and something I could probably live with out, I rarely watch tv, tend to spend most of my spare time online and TV programs I do watch (Louis Theroux being one of my favorites) I either watch online (using zattoo or iplayer) or i download to watch later on my ipod.

However I do have a freeview box, and this does seem a logical upgrade to me, its a nice touch being a one off fee, and i am defiantly seduced by the prospect of HD content, only problem being is i do not have a HD TV although there are a few 19" models for around the £200 mark, quite reasonable I would say

And the prospect of having 200 channels by the end of the year seems quite good too, although who's betting there quite a few shopping and quiz channels.

If you get it you will have to let me know what its like

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