Sunday, 2 March 2008


Last week a jailbroke my ipod touch as i felt i could no longer wait for apple to release their SDK ( are reporting that it is coming out on the 6th of march)

My favourite jailbreak app is MobileCast. This app allows me to download podcasts straight to my ipod touch with out hooking it up to my Mac and there is no need for itunes either

Before discovering MobileCast i rarely ever listened to podcasts. Although simple to do, i could never be bothered seeking podcasts out, downloading them to itunes and then transferring them to my ipod. (I would download them but usually forget to transfer them over)

With mobilecast you add the rss feeds to the app then you can browser through the shows and select which ones to download, all just by using the ipod

I will often browse what new podcast there are each morning, any new ones i want to listen to i set to download while eating my breakfast, i then have them ready to listen to for the rest of the day. By removing the step of having hook the ipod up to a computer and then have to wait for the podcast to transfer over some how makes the experience a whole lot more 'tidier'

Podcast i currently listen to include


mac break weekly

the week in tech

Watch the video below to see MobileCast in action

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