Monday, 31 March 2008

Better Late Than Never? Personal Development Magazine Reviews

I wrote this up quite a long time ago but forgot to post it

This is the magazine reviews for my personal development project

Weired Wiki world .net issue 173 March 2008 page 20

The article looks at how google is to build its own web application called "Knol" that aims to rival wikipedia

The article explains that Google plan to share revenue with authors, and that wikipedia could face problems if google list "knol" search results above wikipedias

Wikipedia currently has a wealth of articles such as

the line of succession of the british throne, toilet related injures, and how to play chubby bunny

Wikipedia currently has 9.1 million articles in 253 languages and there are 6 million registered wikipedians

Due to these facts i believe that "knol" has a long way to go before they can even think about rivaling wikipedia. People seem happy and comfortable using wikipedia.

The only way I can see "knol" rivaling wikiapedia would to provide a simpler yet more media rich experience for the user

Disgracedbook .net issue 173 March 2008 page 21

It turns out all is not well with facebook. users are not happy with its Beacon advertising system, facebook users are filing complaints to Information Commissioner, and the first mal-ware spreading Facebook app was relased in January

Users are also not happy that that facebook does not delete your details when you deactivate your account.

Reading this article has made me raise the question, if facebook is spying on us with its Beacon advertising, breaking our computers with its mal-ware and holding on for our personal details, how does it remain such a popular social networking site?

I really used to enjoy facebook before all the apps came along its simplicity was its beauty and i feel many people agree with me. I think it is only a matter of time before there is a new social network site is where people can join groups, share events, pictures and video without the hinderance of "fun" and pointless third party apps. But will people be willing to leave Facebook and join a new network when the already have all there friends and content uploaded to facebook ..... only time will tell.

When Free Work Pays Off computer arts - january 2008

This article is about how designers are often asked to do free work (usually by friends and family) such as little jobs like creating an invitation and even getting asked to create a full website, and how this can be a hazard as often these jobs will drag out and you can end up being that persons technical support for life!

They are the negatives

But positives include; as a fledgling designer you may need work to add to a portfolio, alternatively giving back to the art community (creating custom photoshop brushes, textures, vector shapes and stock photography can be very rewarding, especially when sharing them through such sites as deviantart as there is also a chance to build up a relationship with other designers when using these web sites

The article recommends that the best situation is to turn free-loading pals in to proper paying clients, if your friends think you are are good designer they will be willing to pay for what you create them and also they are more likely to appreciate you professional approach.

This article caught my attention due to the fact i am still at university studying to be a digital designer, but i often visit forums and website where people are looking for a student to create various bits and pieces for them, usually on the premiss that you are a student therefore you need the experience and will therefore be willing to do it for free.

Altho i have done free bits and pieces in the past reading this article as made me decide that if i want to have a professional approach then maybe it is time that at start charging people for my work

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