Friday, 7 March 2008

iPod Touch Just Keeps Getting Better

Today i discovered, that i can use the bbc iplayer on my ipod touch, it works flawlessly too!

So now i have TV in my pocket.

Recently i have noticed that iPhone contracts are becoming a lot more competitive too offering 500 minutes and 600 text and unlimited mobile internet all for £35 i am starting to wish i had not bought an ipod touch and waited to get a iPhone.

With things like the bbc iplayer coming to the iDevices i think it is only a matter of time before people who bought ipod touches, decide to move to the iPhone, i know that when Apple release a 2nd gen iPhone (as long as it has a good camera and ability to record video at a decent resolution) i will definitely consider getting one

CLICK HERE for more info on the bbc iplayer on the ipod touch


rockbigdave said...

ACE! Is this gonna have to be baught or will it be free to obtain over iTunes or something do ya know? Or jailbroken iPods only?

Still brilliant that we'll have a form of portable on-demand telly. :D

Luke Beaumont's Design for Digital Media Blog said...

Hey Dave :)

Glad to see at least one person is reading my blog lol

As long as you have wifi, or are in an area where there is a wifi connection you can connect to this is completely free (it is currently up and working now)

Just point your safari browser on your ipod touch to
HREF=""> and it takes you to the regular BBC iplayer site

The site looks and works exactly the same a when browsing from a desktop or laptop

Its very similar to how you tube works on you ipod, all the BBC have done is convert all their video from flash to h.246 so when the site realizes that some one is browsing the site on an ipod or iphone instead of sending them to the flash video is send then to the h.246 video which works perfect and ipods

No catching up on Top Gear in class tho !!!! lol :)

I guess eventually more and more sites will realize they need to do this and in the future it will be standard for us to be able to watch video content on our iDevices

rockbigdave said...

Definatly. Altho the TopGear idea sounds like a plan... *rubs chin and thinks* :p

Yeh I always read ya blog dude :D Some quite interesting stuff pops up on it :D (I didn't see the freesat blog tho :p so didn't intend on copying)


Luke Beaumont's Design for Digital Media Blog said...

i really should check my comments more often. Im inspired to write more blog post now i know some one is reading my work, getting comments is encouraging too!

I don't know if this will be of any interest to you but i also post various little bit (more in the way of links and reminds to my self of things i want to blog about) on this site

Feel free to comment over on my tumblr too :)

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