Thursday, 30 October 2008

Wednesday: Day Three

Today was slightly more entertaining than the last couple of days, While waiting for my girlfriend to get back from lectures I surfed youtube and to keep myself occupied. When she got back it was time to watch a little O.C again, (I am atually starting to get in to the O.C now!)

Then we had to go out to do a little halloween shopping, as this friday everyone at her house is having a halloween party. I'm not a big fan of shopping with girls it takes too long :( Eventually when everyone had finally chosen their outfits we went to Coffee Trader for hot chocolate

Then it was back home for a nap (It had to be done all these early dark nights are making me sleepy)

Later that evening we went for our dinner at Lau's Buffet King

I finished the meal with my absolute favourite of all time (I only discovered how much I love this when my girlfriend first took me to eat at a Chinese Restaurant a few years ago)

Nothing beats ice cream and jelly FACT! Especially chocolate ice cream!!!

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