Friday, 3 October 2008

More Advertising Uncut

(Nice after effects opening titles :)

Another day off from college and I mannaged to catch another Episode of Adverting Uncut on Channel Four

The was the last episode in the series and looked at what tactics advertisers use to make an advert successful, and it seems making people laugh is the best way to get them to like your product

They showed a whole host of clips on the show

Budweiser - Wazzzz up;
Was a very successful ad campaign, it even appealed to people (teenagers) who were not legal allowed to buy the product. The term "Wazzzz Up" even out lived the advert it self with people still using Waaaaz Up even when the advert was no longer running

Virgin Media - Wyclef
Another successful (and funny) ad campaign this time highlighting that Virgin Mobile do not tie you to a contract.

Virgin Media - Kate Moss
Virgin ran this ad at the time Kate Moss had been dropped from some of her high profile contracts. The advert was only ran for a very short amount of time, but it brought Virgin a lot of press.

Sony Bravia - Paint
The Sony Bravia ad was a another very popular and thus successful advert. This advert was produced using no special effects or post production. All the exploding paint you see actually happened. Some one who worked creating the advert commented that it used more semtex than the film Saving Private Ryan

The Honda Hate advert took a complete new approach to advertising a car. While most car advert used shots of beautiful cars cruising down wide open roads, this advert appeals more to the Internet savvy consumer who is looking to see something new and fresh. While most advertiser are wanting you to love their product this advert dares to use the word hate! Something very rarely seen in the advertising world

This advert aims to make the diesel engine seem as though it is fluffy and cuddle, almost something you would be happy to give to your family

A "Brand Vampire" was something I had never heard of till watching this program. I learnt that a brand vampire is something that becomes bigger than the brand its self. A great example of this is Monkey from the ITV Digital Campaign. The monkey became more popular than the ITV Digital brand. A brand vampire is damaging to a brand!

Also featured was the banned Xbox - Cradle to Grave advert

Some one on the program commented they were surprised this advert made it passed the advertising board. People had complained about it as the thought the baby crashing out of the window and the man crashing in to the grave was to violent, however these type of adverts gain cult status and once band people will go out of there way to see them, which in this day and age with video sharing website it is easy to view them if you so wish

Some further research has led me to believe that maybe getting adverts is just a tactic Xbox use to gain them further press. This is another of Xbox's banned adverts

I hope at some point I get to see the rest of this series.

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