Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Student Life Style Continues

Today was pretty similar to yesterday nothing of great importance to report

I went to town this morning, and picked up a few clothes from every students favourite, Primark

Had lunch in Northumbria Student Union bar named Habita, then caught up on some O.C and One Tree Hill (I don't ordinarily watch these programs but felt obliged as everyone here seems to LOVE them!)

It was fish and chips for tea. My friend who lives here too opted for donna meat and garlic sauce! I genuinely can't think of anything more disgusting

The night was rounded of with a few pints down the local pub where we watched Newcastle United beat West Brom 2 - 1

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fio said...

hey there luke,

I'm more than happy to give you some tips and that :D

If you're quite new to coding i'd suggest trying out some action script in flash. Personally i think flash is satan but if you're trying to go from animation to interactive type stuff, flash is a good place to start.

It'd be quite tempting to just try to get something working with your phone straight away, because it's friggin cool and it would be very awesome, but get some interactive stuff working on screen first. There's a lot less faffing around when something doesn't work, it's best to get simpler stuff working before you start working on the bigger ideas.

If you're wanting to start programming with your phone there's a language called mobile processing which i think will do the kinds of things you want to do:

It works on java enabled phones, so most recent phones will work with it. Twitter is also an option to get your phone communicating with the web, the only problem would be that twitter no longer sends messages to phones in the UK due to disagreements with phone companies. I think you can still send messages in, but twitter wont send your phone any texts.

also have a look at processing, which moblie processing is based on. It's pretty powerful. To put it simply it can do LOTS. it's what i'm using.

here's a video of a processing application being controlled by phone

and here's how it's done (apparently)

don't worry if it goes over your head, it goes over mine!

I started doing off screen stuff at the end of year two, mostly in my final major project. There was plenty of support, sometimes you have to find out how to do something yourself instead of just being taught how to do it, but everything i've learnt to do with interactive tech i've learnt while i've been at college. Mike and Anna LOVE IT when we do off screen stuff, so definitely start looking into it!

Hope that helps, if there's anything else you want to know just ask!


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