Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Yet another OS X (iTunes) Discovery

Earlier today I was writing something up in TextEdit and was feeling a little uninspired, so i thought i would look through my iTunes library, as i went to click at the music icon to have a flick through my music, the radio icon caught my attention, with out thinking i clicked on it and saw different genres listed.
Still without really thinking. I clicked on one of them (i thought it would be empty and you would need to download your own content, like you you choose your podcast content) to my suprised each genre has a number of channels listed

I didnt even realize the the radio feature existed until now !!! Yet another nice touch from apple.

I would also imagine that you can add radio feeds. If any one knows if this is possible and if the larger stations such as The BBC and local stations such as 96.3 Radio Aire have feeds please let me know by leaving a comment

I would also be interested to here what feed people have added and what there favourite station feeds are

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