Monday, 14 April 2008

Aesops Fable Flash Tutorials Fundamentals of Interactive Design

Today at uni we had a flash tutorial

I have used Flash quite a lot before (but would not consider my self to be a pro by an means) so some of the stuff we covered was just a refresher for me, which was good as I havent used flash extensivly since june last year.

We covered how to motion tween something i am very familiar with (for a very simple guide to tweening CLICK HERE)

We also looked at animating to a path, this again was something I have done prviously in flash. I find being able to animate to a path a useful technique, and was defiantly in need of a refresher to remember how to do it.

Below is my example of my path animation

For a simple guide to path animation CLICK HERE

The final and most important thing that i learnt to day was how to animate a walk cycle (something i have not done before)

As you can see below I have the very basics of a walk cycle begining to take shape, I know if i take what i have learnt to day, with more time and attention to detail i would be able to create a more realistic looking walk cycle

I have often thought about making small animations in flash before (generally for my own and friends entertainment) Not knowing how to create a walking character often prevented me from doing so. Now I have this skill under my belt i feel it will open new avenues for me and help me to take my ideas and flash creations in many different directions :)

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