Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Aesops Fable Further Research : Brainstorming and Ideas Development

Today i decided that to push my work forward with the Aesop's Fable Brief

I need to have a solid idea of what direction I was planning on taking the interactive book.

For weeks (since we got the breif,) I have been racking my brain trying to think of a good idea of how and why i may create an interactive book

The only think that keeps springing in to my brain is; to create an iteractive reading aid (not very imaginative i know, but i know i will be able to work with that idea)

Working along the lines of "interactive reading aid" i began to brain storm what interactive elements i could include

Taking the three ideas of Video, Sound, and Animation I began to further investigate how i could include these elements into an "interactive reading aid"

1.) Story teller mode (Video)

The "Story Teller Mode" utilizes video. The picture below explains what I am aiming for in more detail

2.) Read With Me (Audio)

The "Read With Me Mode" utilizes audio. The picture below explains what I am aiming for in more detail

3.) Unassisted (Animation)

The "Unassisted Mode" utilizes animation. The picture below explains what I am aiming for in more detail

After quickly making the above notes in my sketchbook/notepad I knew I had a solid idea that would meet the criteria for the brief. I liked the idea so to develop it further i created a PowerPoint demo to enable me to get a better feel of what i am thinking about achiveing

Below is the PowerPoint Presentation I created

Read this doc on Scribd: Proposal for Aesops Fable Breif

*Note Clicking the square in the top right hand corner of the embedded powerpoint will take you into fullscreen mode so you can see more clearly*,

Finally I talked to Annabeth, showing her my PowerPoint presentation and talking her through the direction in which i plan on taking this brief.

She told me that taking the brief in this direction is a good approach to take. Annabeth told me to see more examples of this kind of work I should head over to the Cbeebies Website

While on the cbeebies website i noted a few web addresses that i plan on revisiting or that maybe useful for me to learn from

My aims for the next time I approach this breif are;

Short Term Goal

1) Continue researching how the Cbeebies website present there interactive stories what interactive elements are they using to engage the user with the stories being told?

Mid Term Goals

2) Create some characters in illustrator that I can import into flash

3. Create a "test" Scene in Flash using the characters created in illustrator. Make sure they are suitable for animating

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