Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Mobile Phone Upgrade

I just upgraded my mobile phone. Im up grading from a Nokia N80 (great phone awful battery life) to a LG Viewty (I have no experience of LG Phones, I hope i havent picked a heap of junk)

lg viewty

I opted for the LG Viewty for a few reasons

1. I am a technology g33k and this phone fits the bill with lots of cool features, touchscreen UI, 5 MP camera, 120fps video recording and more

2. I can afford an iPhone (as much as I would like one)

3. I always buy mobile phones with the best camera available for 2 reasons

I cant justify buying a new digital camera

If i was to buy a digital camera i would not take it everywhere with me where as a mobile phone i will, meaning i am able to capture more with the mobile phone camera

4. Being someone who text quite alot I like the touch screen qwerty keyboad it has to offer

Here are some links to video i chopped up from youtube videos

Keyboard Mode

Handwriting Mode


The above videos were edited from this source

Now i know with iPhones (once they are jail broken) are capable of mobile blogging through the likes of twitter clients, being able to upload pictures and being able to surf the internet.

I also opted take advantage of a months free trial of the mobile internet, I opted to trial as I want to evaluate wether it will facilitate me to be able to blog on the move. I am considering setting new youtube blogger and flickr test accounts so i can see how good the Viewty is at blogging on the move.

There have been situations in the past when something has caught my eye and i have wanted to blog it there and then, (like when the flight were playing a free gig in the middle of Newcastle city centre, i had my N80 with me at the time so shot some video, by the time i had uploaded it to my mac and edited it (24 hours later) it seemed a bit pointless posting it as the moment had passed

(A bit of topic but HERE is that video)

Perhaps another good point to make about that video is it was recorded on my Nokia N80 as i hadn't taken my Mini DV camera out with me as I really wasn't expecting to see this.

lg viewty

Anyway I looking forward to receiving my new phone, and will be hoping to write up a follow up post detailing what i think to the handset and also commenting on if I found mobile internet for the use of blogging on the move ne use

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rockbigdave said...

Dude, im getting one of these tomorrow at lunch time! (Should Carphone Warehouse have it) and pritty much for exactly the same reasons as you. I want an iPhone *Hates Mark B for having one* but this I fell inlove with after 10 mins of reading about it. It just top bollocks. Plus its all techified with gizmos and stuff and them things get me going lol.

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