Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Self Directed Evening Maya Session

Yesterday I missed the animation lesson but came into the studio at 5pm to do some work for our animation brief.

After trying to follow various Maya tutorials (and failing miserably)I found a Youtube tutorial for creating a 'spaceship' (ironically the lesson is taught by a seven year old)

Here are the sucessful results of my spaceship model

I think the model is remanisante of the R-Type spaceships

I am proud of this piece of work, 3D design is my weakness as a digital designer.

I am sure an accomplished 3D designer could put this model together in a matter of minutes, but for me this is the most comprehensive model i have ever built in 3d

Following this tutorial has helped me feel more comfortable with the Maya interface, i am gradually starting to enjoy 3d design more.

Having followed this tutorial and having an end product that is visually recognizable as a spaceship is helping to inspire me to want to go on and improve as a 3D designer

Youtube Maya Spaceship Tutorial

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