Friday, 11 January 2008

Living The Brand

Before Christmas for Critical Studies we had to present on a topic related to digital media, I choose to present on; the branding industry
I had never really considered branding before this lesson, it wasn't something that i thought would interest me (maybe i just wasn't aware of branding as i thought i was)
After researching for my presentation I quickly discovered that branding was a complexed but very interesting subject.
The exercise of researching branding has giving me an interest in the industry and i now realize
  1. Branding is a very powerful tool and as a designer it is something i should do with myself as well as the work that i produce
  2. I have an interest in the branding industry and wish to learn more about it
Over the Christmas holidays i was in my local Libary and just by chance i came across the book 

By reading this book i hope i will be able to learn more about branding and how the industry works

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