Friday, 11 January 2008

Concept iphone function/app

It would seem a lot of people love their iphone/touches

It also seems that the device is constantly gaining practical functionality

While browsing online i found a mock up of an app would allow you to quick order you drink from Starbucks

I have been reading about the possibility of this app for some time, in theory you could be walking up to a Starbucks store, connect to their WiFi while still outside, order your drink on your mobile device (iphone or itouch) 

Then when you enter the store your drink should be ready and waiting for you

Although there are often many Apple rumors flying about, i could really see this becoming a possibility.

 You can already buy the music that is played in Startbucks through your iphone/itouch, so Starbucks would be the perfect testing ground for this app for two reasons

1. Apple already has the relationship with Starbucks that would allow them to be able test this product in their stores

2. I would imagine that now apple have the experience of being able to sell music "over the air" it would be easy and achievable to adapt it to be able to pre-order/sell coffee within that environment 

Click Here to read about Apples "click and go" patent

Click Here to see the mock ups of the app

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