Tuesday, 9 October 2007

First Lesson Of Animation

Today we had our first animation lesson

Animation is a series of still images with small changes that creates the illusion of movement

For our breif we have been asked to;

Keep it short, use storyboarding, it’s about animating the relationships and not the animation its self


1. look at other peoples work, comment and evaluate in a written format (blog) pay homage to other peoples work, use the research as inspiration.

2. Evaluating - (pros and cons), justifying your reasons,

3. Sketching ideas, storyboarding

4. Screen shots with evaluations, Mock up ideas, digital storyboard

5. Being organised, with scripts, storyboards so you are able to show you have done your research

Preston Blair – author of an animation book
Television 25fps

I have looked on youtube in order to evaluate and comment on some other peoples work, below are my findings

Weight Lift

Walk sequence – looks as though he is running on the spot but the character looks as though it is being dragged along

Stretching sequence – the hips do not move in a natural way

Lifting the bar sequence – is good everything is suggesting heavy weight, knees are bent, arms ae stretched flat

When the bar is dropped – there is no bounce from the bar, does not drop down quick enough.

The fall – is good because he looses balance and stumbles trying to regain it, there is good momentum when he lands on the floor he skids backwards, it all adds up to make the animation realistic

Weight Lift Animation - Eric Koffman

He falls slowly as if falling through soup

He doesn’t adjust his body stance to compensate for the weight he is lifting

Animan New Weight Lift

not technically perfect but has the right kind of movements to suggest weight is being lifted

the animation is too draw out. Too much has been put into the animation which is preventing it from flowing,


Good emotional impact that the viewer can relate to

Child like musical – almost like a nursery rhyme

It doesn’t look finished / needs textures

Plot very good kiwi cant fly he has small wings neat and tidy plot line.

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