Thursday, 11 October 2007

Comms Design and Print, About Me

Here are a few of my "About Me" initial sketches

The picture above represents an image i could create using photography and photoshop

I would take a photograph of a white room with nothing in, then i would take photographs of myself performing various hobbies i enjoy.

I would then import the photographs of me performing the my hobbies into Photoshop and cut my self out so there is no back ground only the image of me, i would then import the images of me into the photograph of the empty white room

The above image would again be created in Photoshop.

I would create text outlines of the words love and hate, i would then fill the love outline with things i love and the hate outline with things i dislike

The above image is of a television, I would either create this in Illustrator or take a photograph of a television

I would then take photographs of myself performing different hobbies and cut them out in photoshop so there is no back ground i would then create a "Now and Next" like the image below

But instead of channel icons i would use an image of me playing football and next to the icon text relating to a telvision program involving football e.g. Match of the Day.

The above image is a bin with items in that i hate. For this idea i would take a photograph of me putting an item in a bin that is filled with items that i hate.

I would crate this image simple by placing the items i do not like in a bin and then taking a photograph of me dropping the final item in the bin

alternatively i am thinking about photographing myself next to an empty bin and then photographing items that i do not like separately and then putting them in the image using photoshop.

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