Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Critical Studies

Another lesson of critical studies this morning

These are my notes

Instead of writing in the first person we should write in the third person

Statements such as

It could be said that

It could be interpreted that

It could be considered that

Should be used instead of using

I believe that

I think that

Semiology is analysing symbols, signifier signified and sign, meaning translation

Content analysis

Compositional interpretation

Object correlative, is when if some one asks for absolute and coke absolute is the object correlative, its when something has become the ‘norm’ i.e. people say they are drinking coke even if it is just a shops own brand cola, other examples are hoover for a vacuum or Celotape just for any sticky tape

Anchorage – all the interpretations in the image the anchorage is the thing that helps you draw the conclusion, it helps the target audience get the correct message

Synicdochal – a synicdocal is where one thing in a whole is use to signify a greater meaning i.e. the eiffel tower is used to represent Paris and it becomes so ingrained in people that it is easy for them to pick up the meanings

BOOKS relating to semiology

Ronald Barthes a French intellectual wrote mythologies 1956/57

Gillian Rose a British senior lecturer published visual methodologies 2001
Home Work

Read chapter four of Gillian Rose

Look ad some digital work viral ads or other imagery that you think is affect and you can analyse in these terms (bring to next lesson)

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