Monday, 19 October 2009

Sourcing Some Kit

I am hoping as part of the DMD brief I will be able to build some contacts and get my hands on some kit to review and test

One are of emerging tech that interests me is 3D. It currently seems we have pushed the limited of picture quality and sound and the next logical move is to take video in a 3d direction.

I have enjoyed watched a couple of 3D films recently and having the extra dimension did lend some extra interest to the film. It is particularly interesting to see that the PlayStation devision of Sony have also been investigating the possible use of 3D for future video games release.

As I continue to follow the use of 3D I would really enjoy finding out and experimenting with some consumer 3D product that all "the man on the street" to be able to produce his own 3D media

Cue the Fuji FinePix REAL 3D W1 (see below)

Today through the power of twitter I managed to speak to Tom Dunmore of Stuff Magazing

I am hoping that using my contacts within my social networks someone somewhere will be able to point me in the right direction with regards to getting my hands on test kit


Elizabeth... said...

I still haven't made it to see a 3D film in the cinema... I hardly think Spy Kids 3 counts all those ears ago because I'm pretty certain they've progressed a bit!

Soon enough people will be selling fancy personal 3D glasses so that you're always prepared for 3D life... maybe bus stop posters will start being 3D and it'll all go crazy!

I hope you find the right stuff to be reviewing it would be great if you could get advances on things to review!

Luke Beaumont's Design for Digital Media Blog said...

Maybe it will even go further than that, and glasses will be dispensed of and the 3D viewing technology will be embed in a contact lens so it is less obtrusive.

Yes advance reviews would be awesome! I need to put in more effort and build some contacts and networks so I can access this kit, but I am not too sure where to start as of yet!

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