Monday, 5 October 2009

iPhone supports growth of online video growth.

I have been collecting research to support the fact online video is continuously growing

In part of my brief I have wrote

"I also believe as many phone networks upgrade to the 3G standard, a standard that has been designed “to allow simultaneous use of speech and data services” data services such as streaming video, coupled with the fact more people buying mobile phone handsets such as the iPhone and the Google Android based devices that come with access to the Internet as standard this will encourage more users to consume more video content"

I have just found some evidence to support this fact

"Following the launch of the iPhone 3G S, YouTube saw an increase in uploads of 400%" Accessed on 5th October 2009

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Elizabeth... said...

A lot of those uploads will hardly be the community type content that is detrimental to the success of youtube though... most of it will be direct uploads from peoples phones that will be a dog on the street or them at the beach.
Not that they don't become the viral ones that boost overall youtube viewing but the uploads from phones are not likely to be the best of quality.
Then again, once people know it is available and start to use it this sort of immediacy in getting video online will probably develop into something awesome.

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