Saturday, 17 October 2009

Export Settings

These are the export settings I have always used and to export video for web.

These are setting that I have found to be recommended by a number of video bloggers.

As I endeavor to give me work (and portfolio that I am building up) a professional edge I think it is high time I did some more research in to rendering video for the web.

*MENTAL NOTE* Use the college Library and photo copy relevant pages from a Final Cut book, on rendering video for web!


Elizabeth... said...

I often wish I had a mac.

Derek Jay said...
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Derek Jay said...

My HD settings are much higher. RAW 720p HD video that comes out of my point-and-shoot camera is ~24Mbps.

Hence, 3.5Mbps is very compressed. I recommend between 5-10Mbps for online videos because more and more websites (including Viddler) are supporting HD.

Here's a full rundown of my settings (including screenshots):


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