Thursday, 17 December 2009

Pronunciation and Speech

Once I had developed the script I had to think about the manor in which I would deliver it.

This video required me to verbalise my understanding of technology, I am aware that the Internet in its nature is global and therefore is watched by an extremely wide audience.
As well as having a comprehensive script. I also needed to deliver this in a way that could easily be understood aurally.
I am aware that I have a Yorkshire and that I sometimes drop my “H’s” when speaking.
To make the way I spoke in the video more understandable to a wider range of people I looked at pronunciation and speech
I also looked at speech having rhythm and fluency, similar that that of music.

I used YouTube as a tool to learn more speech and pronunciation.
I found these videos particularly useful.

Voice, Articulation & Fluency.

Vocal Warm Ups for Public Speaking : Articulation Drill for Public Speaking: Uh & Ah - Is a YouTube Channel that has a number of pronunciation and speech videos that I found useful.

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