Thursday, 17 December 2009

Geek Brief Credits

After my initial test of recording in a studio environment I became highly aware of how difficult is to control each and every element of video production when working on my own.

Problems I incurred included

  • Set up your own lighting and make sure it is even on the subject
  • Focusing a camera on a subject
  • Recording and present to a camera at the same time
  • Moveingequipment such as lights, video camera, tripods, and microphones.
  • Making tiny adjustments to things and not have a second pair of eyes to verify that what you see is the same as other people may see or perceive something.

    Previously I had thought that most 3-minute video podcasts were made by one person controlling and operating everything. Most video podcasts I watch do not contain any credits. However while watching GeekBrief I noticed there were credits at the end of the show, this made me aware that some of these podcasts are operating with a small team of people crew and cast is as follows

  • Producers, Writers, Editors Shooters, Janitors – Cali Lewis & Neal Campbell
  • Exectutive Producers – Adam Curry & Ron Bloom
  • Opening Graphics - Jude Ng
  • Back Ground Image – Trey Rattcliff

    My immediate thoughts on the trial run of setting up my lighting was

    “This would be a lot easier if I had a small crew / team to assist me. I found it hard to be able to evenly focus the light on myself.

    To check the light was even I used a camera as my second pair of eyes (Pictures can be seen on my Flickr account and while this over came the problem it was a large time drain.

    On reflection I know my work could have been better had I of had a small crew to assist me and in future projects I will look to assemble a small team of people to work with.

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