Saturday, 14 November 2009

Bradford BarCamp

On Saturday the 14th of November (2009) I attended Bradford BarCamp with the intentions to shoot a video to be edited in to content that would be put online

To shoot the video I took with me a Sony HDR-FX7

For those of you who have not been to a BarCamp before they tend to be quite small informal events, where speakers and presentations are give by people from the audience.

There is nothing discrete about pointing a Sony HDR-FX7 at someone, and I felt somewhat awkward, bustling in to a room wiith my large peli case

to then start unpacking the camera and point it at someone who perhaps hadn't had that much experience at public speak.

This is in stark contrast to when I attended PhotoCamp Bradford and took my Canon Mini DV MD205 with me

This camera seemed to provide the perfect balance of portability and discretion for filming. So although I captured no footage today I learnt the following

  • I need to use a camera that is appropriate to the event I will be filming.

  • A camera assistant would be a useful asset. While at BarCamp I found it awkward to have to move from room to room. After setting up the camera I then need to move the peli case somewhere where people would not trip over it. These required me to leave the camera on the tripod (another potential trip hazard for people) while I moved the case. Another problem I encounter was having to open large heavy doors. Not an easy task when you have a camera in one hand and a tripod in the other.

    Working with video at this higher level (rather than just producing short clips from my bedroom) has made me realise that if I want to improve my work, I need to work with other people, I am now looking to use a noded network of people interested in creating video around similar topics and subjects as I wish to create video around.


    Elizabeth... said...

    Ah wow, it's so great to see the opportunities you've been given and how well you're doing!

    Ian Green said...

    Luke - sometimes it's more interesting to leave the tripod at home and do a more "verity" version docu. Did you ever get anything from the other guys who were filming?

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