Thursday, 14 May 2009

Evidence / Research FMP

Before I could undertake this project I needed to teach myself to code in CSS, to do this I first borrowed the lynda DVD tutorials from the library

Using the lynda DVD's gave me a better understanding of what it is possible to achieve with CSS

I next need to put in to practice what I had learned in the lynda DVD's. Having never wrote any CSS before, I looked for some templates where I would be able to edit lines of code, to enable to learn, what the various parts of the code control.

I found a brilliant CSS layout template website named Using this website allowed be to configure certain design element of the code with out having to learn to script every thing

As I started editing code to change design elements it quickly became clear how a CSS website is structured.

From learning this I was able to put together some simple websites

By this point I was confident enough to try to skin a blog, after a failed attempt with both wordpress and tumblr, I decided to use blogger, as I have used this platform before.

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