Sunday, 25 January 2009

ITV's Best Ever Ads (TV Program)

As I have (probably) mentioned many times before I think a career in advertising would be very interesting. I would love to work creating, producing or in post production of the advertising industry. I think there is something brilliant about an advert that captures your attention and gets you talking about it with your friends!

Tonight on ITV2 is a program covering ITV's Best Ever Ads, I would recommend anyone interested in the advertising industry to watch this program as I am sure it will be highlighting and show casing what goes in to making a good advert!

Below is synopsis of the program

"Phillip Schofield and a host of celebrities remember the adverts that have become as popular as the programmes. Commercial clips include the Smash Martians, the Milky Bar Kid, the Guinness surfers and the saucy instalments of the Gold Blend campaign. With contributions from the stars of the ads and celebrities including Simon Cowell, Lorraine Kelly, Les Dennis, Michael Aspel and crisp-crunching Gary Lineker
Category General Show/Game Show
Director Stuart Ramsay
Executive Producer Mark Robinson
Producer Stuart Ramsay
ITV2 4:30pm-5:30pm (1 hour ) Sun 25 Jan"

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