Friday, 2 November 2007

Photography Elective; Induction Images

The images above are test strips; I created test strips in order to see how much light would produce the best result.

I created my test strips by taking a piece of photographic paper and covering two third with cardboard then exposing it to light for 4 seconds. I then moved the card so one third of the photographic paper was being covered and exposed it to light again for another four seconds. I finally I exposed it to the light with out any of the photographic paper being covered

The final result was an image where the first part had been exposed to light for 12 seconds the middle had been exposed to light 8 seconds and the last part of the image had been exposed to light for only for seconds

I could use this test strip in order to make a decision on how much time to expose my photographs to the light in order to archive an optimum result

Once the optimum time had been found to expose the photographs to light it was then possible to create a contact sheet (see image below)

The contact sheet was created by placing a piece of photographic paper with the negatives on top in to a holder.

From looking it the test strip, it was possible for me to identify that I needed to expose my images to light for eight seconds to achieve the best results for my contact sheet

Once the test strip had been created i chose an image that i wanted develop

Below is a picture of my 1st print

looking at the image i felt that the drain, drainpipe and leaves in the left hand side back ground had been over exposed and the white buckets in the foreground lacked detail due to them being under exposed.

i decided to redevelop the image dodgeing the drain pipe and burning the white buckets

The dodge was created by using my hand to cover the area i want to expose to less ligth

and the burn was created by making my hand in to a cylinder shape and focusing the light on to the area i wanted to make darker

Below is my final image after i had applied the dark room techniques of the dodge and burn

If you look at and compear the final image you can see that after i have dodged and burned the two problem areas I have managed to reveal more detal in the two areas

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